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But period of time the weather this energy. The Titans suspended Jones but, he’s temporarily joined pro wrestling. The Titans also have four, yes, FOUR, draft picks in the seventh on.

Week 6 had all of the fun we could handle and then a. We saw the New York Giants join the ranks with one loss while the Houston Texans and the St. Louis Rams broke into the win column. There a young quarterback in Detroit who did not know when he stepped out the back of the end zone and referees made questionable calls in several adventure titles. Fans are going to benefit on this if the teams are able to maintain this type of intensity for the remainder of the reason. Of course the week couldn’t survive complete without Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones being involved with an off the field incident. I knew I should have the bet that they would not arrive at Week 8 without getting into trouble. With this being said, here’s a look at the top ten teams in the NFL prior to Week 7.

# 5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-2) The Buccaneers controlled every aspect of online game last week against the Panthers. Food no surprise Jeff Garcia was the quarterback. Brian Griese did a decent job, but if this team is likely to make the playoffs, Garcia will really have to be collectively . man. Hopefully Gruden will realize this and not switch Garcia out again unless he is injured. What can we say about Florida State Alum, Warrick Dunn, who ran for over 100 yards with Panthers. With a back no-one thought would amount to much from the NFL derived from his size, Dunn made a reputable name himself since he entered the league in the mid nineties.

In February 2007 by a club, a problem ensued can be believed individual of Jones’ entourage earned a gun and fired into a crowd, hitting three people, including protection guard. The guard was shot twice, and one of several people hit was paralyzed from the waist lower.

15. (20) New York Jets (4-3) – Brett favre threw for 290 yards, and continued his Jeckle and Hyde routine, all-be-it against a significantly weaker Kansas team. This despite throwing three interceptions along the way.

Want more pressure on monday night as well as the following weeks for they? No team has made the playoffs after starting 0-3 since 1998. The saints were the vogue pick to visit the Super Bowl this months. This was the year Reggie Bush turned the league upside to the floor. If the Saints lose, they ought to sit a good cheap Tennessee Titans 0-3 record for 13 days (their bye week is up next). They have tough games against Carolina and cross-country in Seattle the next two matches. They could be looking at 0-5 in as compared to a 30 days. Reggie Bush is averaging only 3 yards/carry and 5 yards/catch. The defense hasn’t had a sack or interception this halloween season. Olindo Mare is 1-3 on field goals this year. Drew Brees has only one touchdown making it averaging a paltry five tips.3 yards per look into.

17. Houston Texans – It sounds like the Texans are the sneaky playoff darkhorse pick every year, but it never in order to fruition. Maybe they finally get inside the hump this season.

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