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What made matters worse is the Broncos offense did not show up until it was too tardy. They were the vogue pick to go to Super Bowl this months. Don’t look for any change at starter there soon.

Indy Football Report Editor John Oehser takes a next-morning look at the Indianapolis Colts’ 42-6 victory over the St. Louis Rams Sunday afternoon at Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis Rams, Mo., in Week 7 on the 2009 NFL season . . .

A solid middle defense and the emergence of Rey Maualuga as a rookie linebacker contributed to success for the Cincinnati Bengals. From a fantasy football stand point the Bengals are a decent bye week NFL franchise.

The Titans suspended Jones but, he has temporarily joined pro wrestling. Due to his NFL suspension, the cheap Tennessee Titans have forced him to be unable to be highlighted TNA.

Michael Pittman was a real part of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 2002 to 2007 as an example team that won abilities Bowl. Pittman’s career high in rushing was 926 yards and he ran for 124 yards in Super Bowl XXXVII. Pittman will play for your Florida Tuskers in the UFL.

(6) Washington Redskins (6-2) – Disposing of Detroit was supposed to easier than that for your Redskins, along with Moss looking great, and Campbell throwing for 328 yards, the Redskins aspire pretty darn good taken as a whole.

1) The colts can run the basketball. No, the Rams aren’t a dominant squad. Far from it. But the colts rushed with a season-high 156 yards, generally there were times the holes were gaping. Brown took advantage regarding twice for 58 yards before leaving the game with a shoulder injury. Addai also had a 6-yard touchdown are powered by which he wasn’t moved. The Colts’ offensive line wanted to improve the toy box this season, and so far, they’re doing it.

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