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Tony horton created no surprise Jeff Garcia was the quarterback. James Andrews, will be always a fine man to try a clean bill of health from. An embarrassing loss for over-matched Seattle team is unacceptable.

Indy Football Report Editor John Oehser takes a next-morning look at the Indianapolis Colts’ 42-6 victory over the St. Louis Rams Sunday afternoon at Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis Rams, Mo., in Week 7 on the 2009 NFL season . . .

16. (8) Atlanta Falcons (4-3) – Matt Ryan threw for a ton of yards again (277) but additionally could only muster 14 points on the inside unfriendly confines of Philadelphia. The surprising team is going to work harder if they want a chance at a wildcard stain.

(9) Colonial Patriots (5-2) – They squeaked one out at home, ought to have been a lot easier for them, definitely is interesting that the Patriots just still flat out know the best way to win football games will cause matters.

After Indianapolis beat the cheap Tennessee Titans by 22 points a week before their bye week two weeks ago, has been the topic of Coffee with the Colts, and after they beat the Rams a few days after their bye, it’s beginning to find even more true.

The newscasters adopted a tone I hadn’t heard since I used to be sitting all through sixth grade classroom using the coverage of the assassination of President Kennedy being broadcast over my school’s intercom system. Well, no, that’s not true. TV news anchors had exact same shocked-solemn tone just awhile earlier when Michael Jackson died.

It’s in order to find imagine them not staying there, because with each week — regardless of record of the recent opponents — it’s more obvious this team might be really, really efficient.

31. (31) Detroit Lions (0-7) – They lost to Washington, as expected, but deserve a little credit for no less than leading the game at half-time. That’s all the credit very good getting here though.